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About us


We work both individually and as a creative team. We create ingenious solutions and deliver digital content on your order. After you make your order, we’ll put your project online, so you’ll be able to see the progress and give input until we create the final product.


You’ll be able to see every change being made to the project via our online service. Once you’re satisfied with the final product, you can easily download it, or we can send it to you or post it on some service.

If you need us urgently, we’re always available via mail onair@bion.tv. Of course, you can always drop in our studio in the center of Zagreb. BION TV has a voiceover cabin and a small television studio. BION TV is always searching for associates and collaborators.


We guarantee fast and quality production of audiovisual content, with a delivery via online service. Prices on request.



“BION TV is a production house that delivers digital audiovisual content.”


Tomislav Brdjanovic

Director / Creative service


Born in Vinkovci in 1978, videographer and photographer. Worked for major Croatian online media and TV broadcasters, shot and directed number of music videos and corporate videos. Uses photography to capture moving images, which is his primary focus. Likes to photograph food too, which he later eats. Likes to travel and travels for work.

Ivan Teskera

Director / Media service


Born in Zagreb, November 18, 1977. Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988 influenced my life in two ways. I watched the video broadcasts of table tennis from the other end of the world, and after that I seriously started to train table tennis. Also, I got really interested in the movies. I’ve studied journalism at the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb. I’ve worked as a producer, reporter, cameraman and editor for various Croatian media. Today, I recreationally play table tennis. And video … I produce it every day.



Our services cover every stage of production of audiovisual content. We make content for media, creative and industry videos. Moving and still images are part of our every day life. Playing with reality is our joy: we can add wings to your pet – or remove them. Contact us!

Video for

television broadcast, corporate perspective, event promotion, marketing use, real estate advertising, training education

Post production

compositing, retouching, repairing video or photography material, voiceover on demand, motion graphics, blue/green key, white/black interview, live streaming


Video form

interview, reportage, tv report, documentary, making of, journalist on demand


dslr cameras, Canon C 100 MK II (super35mm), Sony A7 mk2, Canon EOS 6D (fullframe), EF lenses, tripod, monopod, slider, steady, microphones standard or lavalier, steady, drone or anything else on demand


event, campaign, reportage, making of…

Social media

optimization and preparing media for publishing video or photo on social networks





We will stream your event with three cameras and your (video or PPT) presentation in SD and HD. Over the final signal we will add graphics, for example names of the speakers and your logo. We can customize your youtu.be channel so that the streaming takes place there. Also, after the streaming the video will immediately appear and stay on your youtu.be channel.


available 24/7


We work with great brands. Close partnerships with really cool clients let us do world-class work.


We help build products from idea to launch. We're experts at all kind of moving and still images. Here's some of our work.

Hunger Games by ShoeBeDo

Online video marketing / Video branding / Videography

Youtube optimization

Online video marketing

Teach for Madagascar


Cro a Porter TVC

Video branding / Videography

Travel China 2013


Shoebedo rain mix

Motion design / Videography

CESSA Coneferens

Motion design / Video branding / Videography

Mauritius telecom

Motion design / Video branding / Videography

Dr. Martens for Shoebedo

Online video marketing / Video branding / Videography

PBZ Card Protect

Motion design / Videography


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