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About us


No video production company has the skills and equipment we do.

Ok, this size of company 🙂

BION TV is a small production company from Croatia that specialises

in high-end, high-quality digital audiovisual content.

The most reliable partner for your creative ideas

We can help you with live-streaming and all kind of movies and documentaries and we even offer hybrid events from studio or live location. We work with you to create the best content, regardless of the idea or goal.

Ready to take your idea to the next level?

With two decades of experience in the TV and film industry, our creative team will turn your idea into a reality. We work with you every step of the way to make sure you get the best product possible.

Quality, you can trust

BION TV offers top of the line services at an affordable price – we pride ourselves on delivering high quality content on time and on budget.

Prices on request.

” If you need us urgently, we’re always available via mail onair@bion.tv



Our services cover every stage of production of audiovisual content. We make content for media, creative and industry videos. Moving and still images are part of our every day life. Playing with reality is our joy: we can add wings to your pet – or remove them. Contact us!

Video production

television broadcast, corporate perspective, event promotion, marketing use, real estate advertising, training education

Post production

compositing, retouching, repairing video or photography material, voiceover on demand, motion graphics, blue/green key, white/black interview, live streaming


Video form

interview, reportage, tv report, documentary, making of, journalist on demand


dslr cameras, Canon C 100 MK II (super35mm), Sony A7 mk2, Canon EOS 6D (fullframe), EF lenses, tripod, monopod, slider, steady, microphones standard or lavalier, steady, drone or anything else on demand


event, campaign, reportage, making of…

Service production

we can provide range of services for your audiovisual projects





available 24/7


We work with great brands. Close partnerships with really cool clients let us do world-class work.


We help build products from idea to launch. We're experts at all kind of moving and still images. Here's some of our work.


Online video marketing / Video branding / Videography


Online video marketing / Video branding / Videography


Online video marketing / Video branding / Videography


Online video marketing / TV REPORT / Video branding / Videography


Motion design / Video branding


Online video marketing / Video branding


Design / Online video marketing / Video branding / Videography

Bright World Corporate 2017

Online video marketing / Video branding / Videography


Video branding


food / Photography



FOOD photography



food / TV REPORT / Video branding / Videography


Online video marketing / Video branding / Videography

Make up video

Online video marketing / Video branding


Video branding

Product presentation

Video branding









FUNK hostel

Video branding / Videography

Hotel Park Makarska

Video branding / Videography

Heritage Hotel San Rocco Brtonigla

Video branding / Videography

Windows Vista Croatia

Motion design

Harleydays 2014 – Rougemarin

Video branding / Videography

Towertouch 2L movie

Video branding / Videography

Mauritius It’s a pleasure

Video branding / Videography

Hunger Games by ShoeBeDo

Online video marketing / Video branding / Videography

Youtube optimization

Online video marketing

Teach for Madagascar


Cro a Porter TVC

Video branding / Videography

Travel China 2013


Shoebedo rain mix

Motion design / Videography

Mauritius telecom

Motion design / Video branding / Videography

Dr. Martens for Shoebedo

Online video marketing / Video branding / Videography

PBZ Card Protect

Motion design / Videography

Livestreaming made easy

Live streaming has mostly to do with the way people communicate with content and information today.

The use of live streaming via live video streaming platforms has been growing steadily over the years.

According to projections, video content will account for at least 82% of total consumer traffic on the Internet.

A new generation of consumers, the so-called 4.0 consumers want highly personalized, exclusive experiences.

Live streaming is the creation of an exclusive experience, because the viewer has the feeling that the information is being transmitted to them directly, which is what is actually happening.

The most famous video platforms that have the ability to livestream (Youtube, Facebook, Twiter, Instagram and others), allow you to save streams and share again through other social channels.

Therefore, exclusivity is not the only deciding factor when it comes to live streaming.

The moment your event ends, your recording is immediately present on the internet.

Adaptable to your needs, each of the cameras can remain recorded and the final video can be recorded without graphic equipment, such as your logo or the signatures of the interlocutor.

BION.TV can later edit a shortened version (highlights) and adjust the new video to your wishes.

We have adapted to the “new normal” due to the last major pandemic and so we offer remote control cameras, advice on creating a hybrid event and other solutions to help you stay in touch with your customers.

BION.TV is among the few companies that develop state-of-the-art technologies for hybrid events and livestreaming.

We provide enterprise-class video solutions that harness the power of technology to create high-quality, interactive content.

It should be noted that you can invite participants to your event who are not able to attend your event live. On-site participants can watch and listen to remote participants on the screen in the transmission area.

With all this you can broadcast on multiple video conferencing platforms at once, while the final video can be broadcast on countless facebook, youtube, twitter… channels at the same time. An active speaker from each of the video conferencing platforms can participate in picture and sound in the final video.

Every event is special, so we have to design it as well.

Keep in mind that it takes some time to do that.

The expertise of BION.TV in the development of immersive technologies for the media industry is what makes us pioneers in this field.

Our work with broadcasters, event organizers and other clients has always been at the forefront of technological innovation and development, and we use these experiences to develop knowledge and to meet the growing needs of the industry.


Don’t just watch the content, be involved!

BION.TV’s unique livestreaming technology offers you an exciting way to interact with your customers or followers through chat interaction or innovative augmented reality features. This way, comments below your live video can appear on the screen the moment the moderator reads them. This achieves a direct connection with the viewer and closes the communication circle.

In the standard offer, we offer two remotely controlled cameras placed on location.

We ensure to collect sound from audio system on event.

We have the possibility of an automated audio mix of up to 18 interlocutors, which would mean that we can mark moderators who when speaking are always prioritized by the level of audibility, which means that others will be properly faded.

Of course it is possible to have more cameras depending on the needs. These two cameras from the standard offer have the possibility of 255 pre-defined positions. Each of the positions includes zooming. That’s 560 pre-defined frames, which should be enough for all your event transmission needs. 🙂

Before and during the transfer, it is possible to play a video, which serves as an “intro”, “jingle” or “break” in the transfer.

It is possible to connect several locations in one event. Zagreb, Split, Osijek or any other place on the planet can be included in the transfer.

If you have a presentation, we’ll show it to you from your laptop in a video stream, so you can manage the content.

If you want your content to be exclusive to the point that it takes place on your website and only for
invited in top BROADCAST quality, we have prepared a simple solution for you.

Feel free to contact us.

HTML5 interactive


We make HTML5, video, gif and static ONLINE BANNERS

We are specially passionated about making things interactive and deeply informative. Our Creative department like’s to make thing that doesn’t exist before we make it exist.


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